Number Topic Key aspects Main focus Leading partner(s)
Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through trade and food value chains; localisation of food systems, strengthening of territorial markets
Uganda, Tanzania
University Helsinki with Moshi Co-operative University and Makerere University
Resilience of trade-dependent food value chains in the context of intra-EU agri-food trade and social sustainability; sustainability and equity
Finland, Sweden, EU
Mapping the linkages of dairy production and dairy trade with environmental externalities and production of ecosystem services
Finland, EU, trade partners
Standards and market access; challenges related to WTO Rules and Regulations and/or EU requirements; strengthening of territorial markets
Sub-Saharan Africa
Emerging markets; poultry chains; role of policy regulation regarding animal welfare, inputs and trade; competitiveness, sustainability, livelihoods
Experiences, obstacles, impact and lessons learned from a multistakeholder initiative on sustainability standards in the cacao sector
EU, Côte d’Ivoire
Oxfam België/Belgique
EU agricultural, trade, investment and development policies; impact on the development of local, fair and sustainable dairy chains
EU, Africa
Oxfam België/Belgique
EU biofuel policies and mandates; sustainability criteria biofuels; EU climate funding, carbon markets, offset mechanism; palm oil; land use change
EU, America, Africa, Asia
Integrating human rights and environmental due diligence in coffee chains; impact on production practices and smallholder farmers
EU, Uganda
Oxfam België/Belgique
EU agricultural, trade, investment and development policies; impact on local, fair, sustainable beef chains, including consumers and retailers
EU, Africa, South America
Research Centre on Animal Production, with Agribenchmark Beef
Impact of processors/retailers' standards on development of local, fair, sustainable food chains; GLOBAL G.A.P.
Africa, Asia
Assessment of local and global ethical trade programmes in South Africa (e.g. Fair Trade, Ethical Trading Initiative, Ethical Trade Association)
South Africa, trade partners
Labour costs; additional costs resulting from environmental regulation; total production costs; processing and retail
EU, Africa, America
Research Centre on Animal Production, with International Farm Comparison Network
How different trade agreements, institutions, rules and established practices could shape the expansion of the soybeans-meat complex in the MATOPIBA region to ensure more sustainable, equitable, inclusive, and resilient outcomes
EU, Brazil
Impact of EU-Tunisia FTA on incomes and market opportunities for farmers, fishers, breeders; ecological resilience, especially water scarcity
EU, N Africa (Tunisia)