Oxfam-Solidarité is working to end the injustice of poverty. We strive to add value to the work of those who challenge discrimination, exclusion, and exploitation, amplify their voices and build global support for their undertakings. Our strategy 2021-27 focuses on addressing inequalities in food systems, transformation towards fair and sustainable food systems, climate justice, fair trade and resilience to crises. A feminist lens and rights-based approach will shape our way of working, with power sharing and valuing and promoting people’s ownership and agency at its heart. We will bring specific expertise to the MATS project on food governance, trade and living income, Human Rights, just transition and policy coherence, building on a broad network of partners, local re-searchers, civil society coalitions, linking local to global and North to South.

Team Members

Jonathan Matthysen (Leader)


Marieke Kruis

Bart Van Besien

Sarah Vaes