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MATS is a 3.5 year duration project. The consortium comprises 14 partners with a wide spectrum of expertise and competences, substantial and longstanding experiences, and wide geographical spread in Europe and Africa.

Our Vision

MATS aims to identify key leverage points for changes in agricultural trade policy that foster the positive and reduce the negative impacts of trade on sustainable development and human rights.

Our Work

MATS develops and pilots new tools for a systemic analysis, and assessment, of the interactions between agricultural trade, investments, sustainability and development. Learn More

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News, Blogs and Events

A new blog text is out: "The WTO Public Forum 2023: Let’s listen to the voice of Africa for a greener future" @SEATINIUGANDA @SeatiniU @herbertk4 👉https://sustainable-agri-trade.eu/the-wto-public-forum-2023-lets-listen-to-the-voice-of-africa-for-a-greener-future/

Also in this month's edition:

* Insights from @AMISoutlook
* @G20org New Delhi leaders' declaration
* @WTO monitoring of export restrictions
* @Paugam_Commerce: outstanding issues "can be resolved".

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I will be moderating a session on Green Trade and Africa Policy Perspectives organized by @SEATINIUGANDA and @3rdworldnetwork at the #WTOPublicForum

When: Friday, 15 Sept 2023
Time: 12:30-13:45
Where: Room B, WTO Building

@bibothends @both_ends @Vahini @MATS_H2020 @BrutIndia

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