MATS was presented by Knowledge Srl in an EC DG AGRI workshop for Horizon 2020 projects

On October 26th, KnowlEdge Srl represented the MATS project in a meeting organized by the European Commission in Brussels, aimed at exploring opportunities for enhanced policy analysis via the use of various modeling approaches, as offered by several ongoing EU-funded projects.

The meeting offered the opportunity to each project (3 nearing completion, 3 ongoing, and 3 starting) to present their modeling approach and results, from farm-level analysis to international trade implications of agriculture policy.

The meeting brought together a diverse group of attendees from various Directorate-General (DG), as well as researchers and practitioners, highlighting the shared interest in leveraging models for improved policymaking in the agriculture sector.

The session also included a peer-to-peer exchange, and productive discussions involving the BATModel, MATS, and Trade4SDGs projects. The interactions between the participants sparked innovative ideas and opportunities for synergy in model use and in the interpretation of results (e.g., to highlight the complementarity of the research being performed).

The workshop included the following H2020 projects: