KnowlEdge Srl is a consulting company with international presence, supporting its clients in exploring socio-economic and environmental complexity to inform decision making for sustainability. Founded in 2010, KNOWLEDGE SRL is a leader in developing customized methodologies and tools for the elaboration of integrated strategies, action plans and investment programs for green economy/green growth. This includes the identification and use of green growth indicators, having written manuals on this topic for UNEP, UNECA and WWF and having authored several peer-reviewed papers and reports (e.g. GGKP) since 2008. On the other hand, KNOWLEDGE SRL is best known for the creation of customized simulation models for green economy and green growth. Pioneering work on integrated models started in 2009 with UNE, building on a 10-year long experience in assessing poverty reduction strategies. This work led to a series of follow up projects in more than 30 country applications and work carried out for, among others, GGGI, UNDP, UNECE, UNECA, IOC, IRENA, US EPA and WWF).

Team Members

Andrea Bassi (Leader)

Marco Guzzetti