MATS Interactive Online Workshop on the 28th of March 2022

In this interactive online workshop, we discussed with project-external and internal stakeholders key results of the status-quo analyses and jointly identified key questions and issues for further analyses.

The workshop recording is available here. Below you can see the starting and ending times of each presenter

Welcome and introduction to the EU funded MATS project (B. Steiner, University of Helsinki, Finland): 02:50 – 12:20

The role of sustainability goals in trade rules (E. Idsardi, North-West University, NWU, TRADE Research Focus Area, South Africa): 12:20 – 26:00

Trends in agri-food trade (A. Rezitis, Agricultural University of Athens, AUA, Greece): 33:30 – 40:15

Links between agricultural trade, investments, environmental sustainability and human wellbeing (K. Knickel, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland): 54:30 – 1:06:10

New orientations in EU level trade policy (J. Clarke, Director International, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission): 1:21:15 – 1:35:20

Implications for further analyses in MATS (Interactive session using Menti and Klaxoon)

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