The Institute for Globalization and International Regulation (IGIR) is an interdisciplinary research institute based at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law. The mission of the institute is to conduct research, to offer courses and seminars and to advise on the role of international regulation in addressing problems and challenges resulting from the process of economic globalization. IGIR’s
research examines the policy, economic, and legal structures and processes through which the international economic system is regulated, focusing on the role that emerging economies such as India, China and Brazil play in the re-ordering of international regulation. All IGIR researchers focus on the concept of “Trust in Trade”, which serves as an overarching focal point to address the regulation of Global Markets and the role that national, regional and international actors and institutions play in this regard.

Team Members

Anselm Kamperman Sanders (Leader)

Tyagi Kalpana

Denise Prevost

Anke Moerland

Jens Hillebrand Pohl

Dominic Coppens