SEATINI-Uganda is one of the leading NGOs promoting pro development trade, fiscal and related
policies for sustained equitable development and improved livelihoods in Uganda and the East
African Community region. SEATINI aims at strengthening stakeholders’ capacity to influence
trade, fiscal and related policies and processes through research, advocacy, training, information sharing, networking, alliance building and litigation. SEATINI’s programs are focused around the
following Thematic Areas i.e. Trade, Investment and Development; Financing for Development
and Building Alternatives for Social and Economic Justice. Under these Thematic Areas, SEATINI
continues to mobilize CSOs, farmers, MSMEs, academia, Trade Unions, women and youth groups
to generate alternatives in the area of trade; investment, health, fiscal and related policies and
processes and is currently a member of a number of government consultative committees and
negotiating bodies.

Team Members

Africa Kiiza (Leader)

Tomusange Rogers

Jane Nalunga

Sam Tumugarukire

Etwop Thomas

Kiyingi Sadat