The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of Agricultural University of Athens has developed relations and close collaboration with many research and non-research institutions, principally within Greece and Europe. In Greece, it collaborates with the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the RDP Management Authority, agricultural cooperatives and their Unions, Development Agencies/Local Action Groups and local authorities, and producer groups. It collaborates with most Greek Universities and with several research foundations with globally acknowledged status. The Department has extensive experience in EU and national research projects in topics relating to agricultural and rural development, including agricultural markets and prices, international agricultural trade policy, poverty reduction, consumer behaviour, as well as policy assessments, project design and evaluation, etc. focusing on sustainability and interactive innovation. The transdisciplinary design and conduct of field research as well as participatory techniques are also part of its staff expertise.

Team Members

Anthony Rezitis (Leader)

Pavlos Karanikolas

Georgios Vlachos

Spyros Karytsas

Leonidas Zangelidis