Björn Moller is physicist and engineer and trend-researcher and futurologist at Fraunhofer. In the business unit Foresight for strategy development, he supports clients such as the EC, national ministries, or industry associations in recognizing and analyzing signals, trends, and possible future developments. In particular, he investigates which drivers are changing societies, technologies, and markets and how. Recurring questions are “Which changes are foreseeable?” or “What could surprise us?”. In order not to overlook any relevant developments and to be able to consciously deal with uncertainties, he structures topics and subject areas and prepares their possible future developments in an argumentative way, despite and especially in the case of high complexity. This is of benefit to companies and clients in the development of robust future strategies. He researches and uses a wide variety of methods of futurology such as roadmapping, scenario processes, horizon scanning, and trend radars.